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 ***Together Struggling Landmines & Ban it's Danger***

Landmines Struggle Center (Egypt)

The world suffers from a continuous tragedies attributed to the explosions of the antipersonnel landmines used more frequently during World War II. Still the production of mines seems to be a real challenge that threatens humanities as antipersonnel landmines are tools of destruction and an invisible enemy spreading horror in both war and peace. 
The resulting dangerous of the presence of 110 million mines spreading in 70 countries in the world represents a challenge for humanity reminding man kind daily of the lives lost and the handicapped who pay the price, losing parts of their bodies because of mines. Those injured represent 125 million among handicapped all over the world. 
In Egypt, World War II left behind about 17.5 million land mines in Allameen and the northern coast till the Western boarders. The Israeli-Egyptian wars left 5.5 million landmines in Sinai and around the Suez Canal region. Egypt suffers alone from more than 20% of the total number of the landmines in the world. 


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